Apply for Funding

The Gas Safety Trust provides grants to a wide range of charities, voluntary groups, associations, gas related businesses, social housing associations, local authorities, statutory organisations, academic bodies and others that meet our chosen areas of focus:

  • The possible link between CO and neurological conditions
  • CO exposure risks to pregnant women and the foetus
  • CO in the leisure environment
  • CO emissions from solid fuels

We do not fund:

  • Unspecified activities. The Grant must be related to a specific programme or project that meets the Gas Safety Trust’s eligibility criteria.
  • Day-to-day administrative and/or general operational running costs.
  • Sponsorship (nor can the Gas Safety Trust’s name be used for any sponsorship).
  • Individuals, except in the context of their business activities.
  • Individuals for study or educational funding.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Awards, unless those undertaken by the Gas Safety Trust or any other related body.
  • Professional conferences or professional fees.
  • Projects where the Gas Safety Trust grant support input will not make a positive impact and can not be clearly defined. We want every £1 donated to make a difference to those most in need.

How can you apply for funding?

The grant application period for our 2017-18 funding round is now closed

Applications submitted to the Gas Safety Trust are considered on an annual basis.

Please note that full completion of a Grant Application Form is required you should review the Grant Application Procedure and Guidelines as well as our Terms & Conditions document, to evaluate whether your application is appropriate.

You can find these documents on our Apply Now page.