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March 2019 - Record low incidents of Carbon Monoxide poisoning from piped natural gas according to GST’s latest Downstream Incident Data Report 

For the first year since 1996, there were no fatalities from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning relating to piped natural gas and piped Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) incidents, according to The Gas Safety Trust’s (GST) Downstream Incident Data Report statistics for 2017-18. Overall, the report recorded five separate incidents, involving six non-fatal injuries and one fatality — a man in his 80s caused by a solid fuel space heater.

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July 2015 - Say No to CO Campaign

GST's Chairman, Chris Bielby, recently appeared on ITV's Loose Women programme to suppoort their 'Say No to CO' campaign. Chris highlighted the dangers of CO safety while camping and using BBQ's, click here to watch the clip.


June 2015 - Festivals Awareness Radio Campaign

GST's Chairman, Chris Bielby, and CO survivor, Roland Wessling, talked to BBC Radio Scotland highlighting the dangers of CO poisoning, click here to listen to the audio clips.