Press Releases

19 June 2018
Gas Safety Trust launches its 2018 call for grant applications

29 May 2018
Gas Safety Trust report explores new ways to detect carbon monoxide poisoning

3 May 2018
International Carbon Monoxide Research Network launched in Parliament

31 January 2018
Understanding the experiences of CO survivors will help improve diagnosis and treatment

28 November 2017

New research finds households suffering in cold homes are also at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning

22 November 2017
New research finds extractor fans are key to improving CO safety in kitchens

15 November 2017
New research to investigate whether CO poisoning is being misdiagnosed as dementia

26 October 2017
Older people at risk of CO poisoning according to GST’s latest Downstream Incident Data Report

8 September 2017
Gas Safety Trust hosts a panel of experts to discuss new ways to detect carbon monoxide poisoning

27 July 2017
Gas Safety Trust to fund research into improved carbon monoxide poisoning diagnosis

5 January 2017
Gas Safety Trust calls for grant applications